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Originally published at digitalshawn. You can comment here or there.

About a year and a half ago I signed up to be a BeachBody Coach.  You probably have seen some of the infomercials on television.  They offer a wide variety of fitness programs and services; ranging from the ever popular P90X to Insanity.

I signed up with the idea that I would be able to follow their workout program and hopefully be able to be a marketable success.  Let’s watch the chubby gay man gain a bit of self confidence and work through some body image issues.  However; I haven’t really been that truthful to the program or myself.

I could come up with a thousand different excuses on why I have not been successful; but the simple truth is I have not made the time.  I haven’t focused the appropriate amount of energies towards following the program and getting fit.  I thought that in 2012 I would be able to spend a year with Tony.

If I have learned anything over the course of the past nine months it’s that even the best intentions can go awry.  Between being ill, recovering, then really being sick, and now finally recovering; I let it all fall to the way side.  It’s an excuse, albeit it a rather plausible one but now I have to make a change.

I need to rededicate myself into drinking my Shakeology for lunch and following the workout plan.  There is no better place to start than right now, picking up the pieces from Power90 and starting over again.  It is a Monday, the start of a week, and I know I can begin to mix this program in with my marathon training.

Power90 is a great beginning program. It will allow me to get back into the gym, become reacquainted with working out and work towards completing P90X.  With the intensity of the program I should begin to see changes in my body.  It would be nice to firm up my ass and drop a little bit of weight from my midsection (I know, I know, you can’t spot train… but a man can dream right?).

In addition; I will need to pay closer attention to my diet.  Really watching my intake and ensuring that the nutrients that I get are sound.  Unfortunately that means also cutting out some of my weaknesses (Reese’s Cups – anyone?).  Fortunately after finding out that I have celiac’s my diet has been vastly better than it was before; but there is always room for improvement.

I firmly believe that once everything begins to fall into place that it will begin to click; that fitness will become easier.  In addition; I will have a story that I can use to help motivate others to take that first step on a healthier path.

If you’re at all interested in finding out more information about BeachBody or any of their Fitness Programs or Solutions; drop me a line.  I would love to spend some time chatting with you and hopefully finding a solution that will work for you.