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goal pants

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I like fashion.  I like dressing up and lately I have had a suit fetish.  I have been wanting a suit or two to begin wearing; either at work or out on the town.  Granted I don’t really have a job that needs or requires a suit but — I think I would look damn good in one.

I had a vest from Express that I wore and loved.  Fortunately I lost a lot of weight and unfortunately it didn’t quite fit properly anymore.  It was a sad but rewarding experience to try it on and have it hang off of my body; even when the back strap was pulled tight.  it was great because I shrunk from an extra large.

I was in Elderbeerman on a fluke shopping with my mum when I decided to go over to their (ever shrinking) men’s section.  They had quite a few racks of clearance items and of course, that’s where I naturally landed.  Browsing through a rack of dress shirts all but two, too large for me anymore.  However; they did have a CK slim fit dress shirt that I had to have.  I tried it on and was amazed that it fit and it fit well.

The next rack over had a bunch of suit separates from Kenneth Cole.  My love and interest of suits naturally drew me over and I began perusing the rack.  I have no idea what my jacket size is anymore and I didn’t really want to spend that kind of money.  I thought I could accessorize the vest appropriately.  A vest and a good pair of jeans is a decent outfit; and it wasn’t too expensive.

I debated on whether or not I should buy the matching dress pants but with still owing the hospital some cash I decided against them.  Granted I paid off the hospital bill and not having those dress slacks had been weighing on my mind.  I wanted them the vest and the slacks would make a great outfit.

I ran back out to Elderbeerman but the sale was off and the pants were back up to full price.  Granted it wasn’t that expensive but $50 is far better than $100.  So I went online on a full out search ebay, macy’s but finally I found the pants at overstock.com; and they weren’t $100.  They were 59.99 so I had to buy.

I bought the pants in a 32×30 thinking that I would be able to fit into them easily.  The online reviews state that they run a little big and that they really fit like a 33.  Well they arrived on my doorstep today and I eagerly tried them on…. only to find out they don’t quite fit.

They are a tad too snug…

Disappointing that I can’t fit into them and pull them off with the vest…

However; they are now a goal.  They are hanging in my closet; front and center.  They will remind me daily that I need to keep my Power90 and running up.  They will remind me that I need to forgo the coke and drink water.

I will fit into the pants and of course; I will provide an update when I do.

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