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digitalshawn's Journal

9 July
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activism, adobe photoshop, alanis morisette, altoids, amy sedaris, aol im, apple, apple computer, axis, backpacking, beyonce, black and white photography, black and white photos, blue, body pillows, books, boxer briefs, broadband, camping, cars, christopher rice, coffee, coffee houses, coffee shops, college, columbus ohio, community service, computers, conversation, coyote ugly, cuddling, culture, current events, cute geeks, dating, david gray, david sedaris, diesel, digital cameras, digital photography, dogs, express, express for men, fag hags, faith hill, family guy, friends, friendster.com, futurama, gay boys, guys, gym, happy trails, hiking, homosexuals, ikea, inside jokes, ipod, isight, iweb, john mayer, johnmayer, julia roberts, justin timberlake, kenneth cole, latin guys, law & order svu, lgbt issues, live journal, livejournal, love, love at first sight, mac, macintosh, macs, madonna, magazines, makeout sessions, margaret cho, mary j blige, melissa etheridge, men's jeans, michelle branch, missy elliott, moulin rouge, mountain dew, movies, music, nsync, ohio, ohio university, old photos, osx, ou, outdoors, photography, pictures, pizza, pottery barn, powerbooks, rapidweaver, remixes, rent, road trips, robbie williams, romance, rough sex, rufus wainwright, rules of attraction, sarcasm, saves the day, scary movies, scream, scuba, sean cody, serial mom, sex, sex and the city, shopping, six feet under, skydiving, sleep, sleeping, snow, sociology, spooning, star trek, structure, swimming, techno, the gap, the simpsons, theatre, thunderstorms, tv, underwear, undies, union station, urban legends, urban outfitters, usvc, volunteering, web design, webcams, west wing, will and grace, writing, x-men, xfactor, xy